Use NFTs to reward IRL participation 

by Zeeshan Sheikh

NFTs give you all kinds of creative ways to reward deep engagement with your brand. That could be airdropping gifts to long-time supporters or customers who reach a certain level of spend, but you can also use NFTs to unlock a world of in-person experiences.

Soapy Joe’s is a family-owned chain of car washes with 16 locations across San Diego. Their branded air fresheners have long been considered a fun collectible for locals, but Soapy Joe’s wanted to take the experience further.

This year they launched a collection of NFTs with Taco: 16 variations based on their locally-known air freshener design reflecting each of their 16 locations. When someone visits a location, they get that location’s NFT. Customers can “visit, collect, and win” for several chances at big prizes.

If they collect 4 out of 16 they get an exclusive code to redeem a hat, keychain, and 50¢ per gallon discount on gas till the end of September. At the halfway mark they can redeem a 15” plush toy of the company’s locally-famous mascot “Soapy.”

At 12 NFTs they get a daycation for two, including meals and tickets to local attractions like Seaworld. For the grand prize, the “players” are rewarded with a one-year annual membership worth $400, and are entered into a prize draw for a $5,000 cash prize!

Since launch, they’ve seen a significant increase in customer loyalty through this gamified campaign. Car wash members are not only excited about the nice rewards but also want to make a trip out of collecting the tokens as “passport stamps” to show them off.

Once Soapy Joe’s has those NFT-holding customers, they can build any loyalty, rewards, or marketing effort they like on top of that social graph. Soapy Joe’s already provides vouchers for participating restaurants around San Diego, but they could airdrop a new offer with new partners to those high-engagement, on-chain customers in the future. If they wanted to set up a “frequent flyer miles” program that ran year-round, they just need to set up a Taco campaign and they’re good to go as we take care of deploying the additional smart contract and airdropping that utility NFT. As with rewards for their early supporters, NFT loyalty programs allow you to build for the long-term.

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